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You will need to enter your name, email address, and create a password that you can remember.


After creating your secure account, you should see a screen of your account Dashboard (you may need to login again):

(All screen shot examples below can be enlarged by clicking on the image)

The Dashboard is an overview of your account, showing any recurring transactions, your most recent activities (such as donations and registrations), profile info, payment info, and gives you access to yearly reports. You can also donate to a specific, active GAPS campaign directly from your account using the green Donate button where you can make a one-time or recurring donation.

The Activities page will show ALL of your activities by date.


The Causes page will show causes you are involved with (these need to be setup by the GAPS Staff---nothing you need to do with this page).


The Billing page is where you can make changes to your account where you can add a bank account or credit card (and make updates or changes when necessary), update your Contact Information, update your password, change email preferences and, if necessary, cancel your account. You can also add or change a profile image.

IMPORTANT: Since the sign up form only asks for your name and email, please be sure to click on Contact Information and update your address and phone number. This helps us have contact options if we ever need to reach you and it keeps your information up-to-date in our database.

Thank you for setting up your personal GAPS account! We hope it is a helpful and easy tool for you to use. The GAPS organization and staff will not have access to your personal account, but if you have problems or questions, please use our contact form or call 864-905-2574.