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Thank you for your interest in the Greenville Area Parkinson Society.  We are a 100% local organization founded in 2012 by Patrick Sullivan and W. Stanton Smith to serve people in the Upstate living with Parkinson’s Disease. All money raised stays in this community to offer education, support, and advocacy to our members, their spouses, families, and caregivers. 


People do not die from Parkinson’s Disease; they die with it. By becoming an Organizational Partner or Sponsor and offering your financial support to GAPS, you are providing hope and resources necessary to improve the quality of life for these brave members of our community as they battle against this disease. 


Thank you for walking with us as we walk with these men and women and their families.

Partnership Opportunities


One year of name and logo recognition on all media (social media posts, emails, website, etc.), events signage, the GAPS annual report, all presentations and programs, a Team pass to the annual Water Cooler Classic, and a Sponsor table at Strike Out Parkinson’s Day.

One year of name recognition in the GAPS annual report and website, a Team pass to the annual Water Cooler Classic, and a Sponsor table at Strike Out Parkinson’s Day.


Sponsorship Opportunities

All program sponsors will receive name and logo recognition at sponsored program, all media marketing associated with sponsored program, the GAPS annual report, the GAPS website, and table/space for your organization to display your materials at each sponsored event.


At this time, several of GAPS' virtual programs will continue in 2021. For all virtual program sponsorships, program sponsors will receive the sponsorship benefits listed above, including extended marketing exposure to members attending virtual programs. You will have the opportunity to speak about your company at the beginning of your selected virtual program with the option to participate in the program with members each week or month, depending on the program. For more information, please contact our Development Director, Kamber Parker at


GAPS in Motion! is a weekly exercise/movement class at different locations throughout the month (Clemson, Greenville, Seneca, and online).


This program was specifically designed by a person with Parkinson's for people with Parkinson's.



GAPS Step Team is a virtual walking challenge that connects GAPS members across the Upstate. Whether our members are in Anderson or Greenville, we invite them to grab a pedometer (with your name/logo on it) and walk in spirit with each other as a way to combat symptoms of PD. GAPS will announce monthly winners who have walked or run the most, and we will announce an annual winner each year. Pedometers will be provided by the program sponsor.



GAPS 101 is a quarterly, informational retreat day with valuable information on the basics of Parkinson's Disease and how GAPS can support you on your journey. All people with Parkinson's, their spouse/care partner, family members, and friends are welcome to attend.



GAPS Coffee Talk is a monthly, educational series led by area experts in matters such as insurance, Medicare, home health, mindfulness, nutrition, and other topics relevant to our members.



GAPS Recharged is a weekly opportunity for a person with Parkinson’s to socialize, while providing needed time away for the care partner to refresh and recharge.



GAPS Bereavement Group is a monthly support group specifically for those who have lost a loved one through Parkinson’s Disease.



GAPS Connection is volunteer or staff calls to the members. All members receive personal phone calls so they can know they are not alone. Isolation is a major challenge for GAPS members. As part of our mission to walk with those who are walking with PD, we call them to ensure that each member feels they are a valuable part of our community.



GAPS Support Groups are weekly support and sharing groups for both the people with Parkinson’s and their care partners at different locations 

throughout the month (Greenville, Anderson, Seneca, and Spartanburg), including virtual groups.

$2,500 each/yr.


GAPS Mentoring is a one-to-one, advisory relationship between a newly diagnosed person and an existing GAPS member who has been living well with PD to offer advice and encouragement for the journey.



GAPS Social is a monthly, fun social night for everyone to come and meet other active PD members, our board, volunteers, and staff.


There are over 18 socials throughout the year (9 in Greenville, 9 in Spartanburg) and one will also be available virtually.

$475 for 1


Walk in their shoes...


Imagine you have been diagnosed with a debilitating disease. Your daily life has become a battle against the rigors of an unwelcome guest. Where do you go? What do you do?


Your contribution to the Greenville Area Parkinson Society provides much needed help to those with PD, their families, and caregivers to find the answers, direction, and support they need.


Thank you for bringing hope and help to these families in our community as we work together to ease the challenges of the disease progression.

"Your financial gift improves someone else's quality of life."