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New Beginnings, Veteran Leadership.

Updated: Feb 27

After a year of change, the Greenville Area Parkinson Society is starting fresh.

One of the best ways to breathe new life into an organization is by bringing in veteran leaders who are passionate about building a brighter future for others. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new Executive Director, Jody Hamblett.

During her short time at GAPS, Jody has completed a comprehensive review of all programs which will result in updates to existing programs and the creation of new programs to better serve our beloved members and community. She has met with numerous patients, donors, and both corporate and community partners to understand the needs of the organization from every angle. She also spearheaded new marketing efforts to increase awareness of Parkinson’s Disease and GAPS work in the community. On top of this, she has also spent time attending Parkinson’s clinics and getting connected within the Parkinson’s community to better understand PD patients and ways to fight on their behalf.

Jody has been involved in nonprofit leadership for over twenty years, most recently working as the Executive Director of Asheville Humane Society where, in the middle of a pandemic, she increased revenue by almost $1 million.

Before that, Jody was President and CEO of Blue Ridge Public Radio (BPR) in Asheville where she led the team through a turnaround effort that stabilized a regional service, put an end to an institution-threatening debt, and significantly expanded the local service. Her experience as a chief programmer at the NPR station in Austin, Texas, and at Vermont Public Radio sparked her passion serving local communities and furthering public radio’s reach, impact, and influence.

For the Greenville Area Parkinson’s society, the future is brighter than ever. We look forward to the coming months as Jody and her team rebuild GAPS into the organization that our Parkinson’s community truly deserves.

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