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100,000 minutes of planking to raise $100,000!

(for all of you math geniuses, that's only $1.00 per minute!)

What can you do?


Sign up to be a planking partner!


Share on Social Media!

Share images throughout the year of you and your team planking for Parkinson’s. It can be funny or themed! It’s all about raising awareness of GAPS and Parkinson’s disease. After you post, tag 5 people in the comments to expand your reach.

Also, please share one or both of these graphics with your network and tag @GAPS on

Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook!  




​Include this DONATION LINK to your posts and encourage your network to donate to support GAPS free programs and education initiatives to improve community health! 

All donations stay right here in the Upstate to support those who walk with PD everyday.

The Goal?

To reach as many people as possible!


Invite your friends, family, co-workers (anybody!) to Plank For Parkinson’s, whether they live in the Greenville Area or not, and then donate $1.00 per planking minute.


This will help us raise $100,000 by everyone planking together for 100,000 minutes!


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We thank you in advance for your involvement and support!

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