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There is no fee and no required time commitment. Enjoy meeting people like you, enjoy fellowship and conversation, and learn how to navigate the world with Parkinson’s. Sign up and we will keep you updated about what is going on in the Parkinson community here in the Upstate and across the world.


The Greenville Area Parkinson Society is the only non-profit organization in the South Carolina Upstate dedicated to providing advocacy, support, education, programs, and events to increase awareness and understanding of Parkinson’s disease and to support the caregivers and those walking every day with Parkinson’s Disease.


About our logo:


The tulip is the commonly known symbol for Parkinson’s Disease. We had our tulip designed specifically for GAPS to appear to be in motion. In recent years, it has been discovered that mobility is the key to maintaining a higher quality of life while living with PD. Our tulip is meant to look as if it is truly walking with you.

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