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Our Team

We are here to walk with you everyday. Our purpose is to help people on their journey with PD and provide the best resources and programs we can offer.

Shannon Spurrier Headshot 2.jpg

Shannon Spurrier

Executive Director



Jennifer Darst

Director of Programs and Outreach 


Our Board

GAPS 2024 Board of Directors

Brian Hungerford, President

Ashley Hughey, Vice President

Natalie Tupper, Secretary

Brad Medcalf, Treasurer

Pat Sullivan - Co-Founder

Deborah Hampton

Fallon Hogan

Will Huss

Caldwell Johnston

Julie Mullikin

Kamber Parker

Advisory Board of Directors

Dr. Fredy Revilla - Prisma Health

Dr. Kathleen Woschkolup - Bon Secours Neurology

W. Stanton Smith- Co-Founder

Bob Barreto

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