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Cindy James, GAPS Member Advocate

Cindy has lived and worked in the Upstate all her life. Cindy is an experienced healthcare professional with 15 plus years in the healthcare industry. Previously, Cindy was a Hospice Executive Director, Director of Growth and Development for hospice, homecare, pharmacy and physician services, Physician Recruitment, Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit, Assisted Living Administrator (license is current), Home Health Administrator, Non-medical home care, Pharmacy Services, Durable medical equipment. Cindy is familiar with most of the assisted livings and skilled nursing facilities in the area. She has relationships with the home health agencies and the non-medical home care agencies in the Upstate. Additionally, she has connections with the hospital systems in the Upstate as well. Cindy is joining GAPS as our new Member Advocate, and can connect you to resources you need or answer questions you have.

Contact Cindy with your questions at [email protected]

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Recommended PD Educational Resources

  1. Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF)- New York, N.Y., (212) 923-4700
    • pdf.org
    • Extensive P.D. Educational Resource via: publications, newsletters, occasional symposiums, PD Briefings (phone, computer, 1-hour, live and archived)
  2. National Parkinson Foundation (NPF)- Miami, FL, (800) 327-4545
    • parkinson.org
    • Strong P.D. Education Resource via: publications, newsletters, occasional symposiums, Webinars (phone, computer, 1-hour, live and archived)
  3. American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA)- Staten Island, N.Y., (800) 223-2732
    • apdaparkinson.org
    • Strong P.D. Education Resource via: publications, newsletters, DVD, topic-specific educational supplements
  4. Davis Phinney Foundation (DPF)- Boulder, CO, (866) 358-0285
    • davisphinneyfoundation.org
    • Promotes improved quality of life therapies via: publications, exercise DVD, ‘Victory Summit’ symposiums
  5. Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF)- New York, N.Y., (800) 708-7644
    • michaeljfox.org
    • Focus in Funding Research/Getting Benefits to Mark; Communicates via: newsletters, Webinars (phone/computer, 1-hour), ‘Partners in Parkinson’s’ Sessions
  6. Recommended Reading:
    1. “A Primer on Parkinson’s Disease”, by Kenneth J. Bergman, M.D.
    2. “After Your Course; Parkinson’s— The Early Years”, by Monique L Giroux, M.D.
  7. Recommended Webinars:
    1. “Diagnosis PD, Now What? Managing the First Few Years”
    2. For Care Partners: “Planning Tips for Care Partners”
      • Available anytime from PDF archive.
      • Access seminar at: www.pdf.org/parkinsononline