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GAPS Sole Train

Phase 1

Hitch a Car to the GAPS Sole Train!

Create a Passenger Car to "hitch" to the GAPS Sole Train and you become the Conductor! As a conductor, ask family, friends, and coworkers to donate to your Car and to the Greenville Area Parkinson Society. When they donate, they will become "passengers" on your Car! (Donation details below.) Encourage them to join you in the Trek For Tokens Challenge (details below) to help earn tokens for your Car!

GAPS Conductor_4x.png


  • To create a Passenger Car and become a Conductor, click the button below to fill in the online form. Don't forget to come up with a fun name for your Passenger Car (ex. Chuck's Chuggers).

    • If you don't want to create a Car, simply donate to another Car and become a passenger on someone else's.

  • As your Passenger Car conductor, feel free to download the editable letter below. All you need to do is edit the blank or [bracketed] sections with your information. You can then print and mail to potential passengers, or cut and paste into an email. 

Trek for Tokens@4x.png

The Challenge works in two ways:  

Walking and Donating

  • Start moving and walk your soles off!  Begin tracking the number of steps or miles you walk (or run) between March 1st and April 23rd.

    • It takes about 2,000 steps to walk 1 mile or 10,000 steps to walk 5 miles. 

  • For every 10 miles that the members of your Car walk, your Car earns a token. 

  • These "tokens" will be tallied up and contributed to your Car's overall score at the GAPS Member Celebration and Sole Train Awards! The Car with the most miles will win the Total Tokens Award.

To submit your miles during the Trek For Tokens Challenge, you may personally contact your Conductor or you can simply use the button below to fill out an online form. The GAPS Staff will also send you periodic reminders to keep walking and submit your miles.


To make a donation online, use the DONATE NOW button (below) or you may mail a check.


  1. On the Payment Summary page, be sure to enter the name of the Passenger Car to which you are donating. If you are not donating to a specific Car, please type "Individual" (This helps us keep track of your donations and ensures the correct passenger car or individual receives credit for the donation).

  2. Complete your Billing Information.

  3. Click Submit!

Team Donations.PNG

*image for example purposes only.

To donate by mail:

Please send your check or money order to:

Greenville Area Parkinson Society

P.O. Box 6505

Greenville, SC 29606

Please write "Sole Train - [Car Name]" on the memo line. 


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